Why us

  • Human Resource Strength

    Our team at Flexi Print is focused on offering premium products through process development, quality control and excellent customer care. We work with renowned national and international clients who challenge us every day to push the boundaries of the industry to the next level. We are committed to provide our customers with world class solutions which is why we conduct year-round intensive training programs for our employees to expand their knowledge on the latest trends

  • State of the Art Technology

    We house the latest advanced machinery and technologies to serve global clients. It is worth noting that Flexi Print is the only company in Sri Lanka & perhaps the only in South East Asia that has six 12-colour fully-automated printing machines that facilitate highly efficient, longer production runs. We have implemented an advanced color matching system (ink dispensive system) that enables accurate and consistent color output for the printing process to maintain highest quality of tea bags, tea tags, tea envelopes, pyramid tea bag mesh, and flexi labels. We are constantly upgrading our technology to provide the highest caliber products to suit the needs of our customers.

  • Premium Products

    Flexi Print strives towards perfectionism & quality in all our product ranges which has earned the trust of our loyal customers around the globe. Our products are manufactured with premium German Ink and all our raw materials are biodegradable & recyclable. We have ensured consistent quality of our products through intensive inspection facilities & advance monitoring processes carried out in each production process.

  • Short Lead Times

    Our high capacity production lines are optimized with the lowest lead times to cater to your diverse requirements. Majority of our production processes are fully automated and have the capability to operate in maximum capacity without any unexpected downtime. The adaption of high end ink mixing technology has enabled us to improve our efficiency and eliminate any chance of human error.

  • Strong Supply Chain

    Flexi Print has maintained decade long partnerships with our loyal material suppliers. Our warehouses always maintain stocks leading up to several months to accommodate urgent orders and to ensure uninterrupted production. The strength of our supply chain is depicted by the consistent performance of our company even during the time of a global pandemic.

  • Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

    Over the years, Flexi Print has proven its commitment to minimize our impact on the environment and is on the path to be a carbon neutral company in the near future. We currently generate – kW of solar energy through roof solar panels which are added to the national grid daily. To minimize our carbon footprint on earth, we have already adapted sustainable production processes along with a fully-automated German Matho Waste Management System and a high-end water treatment facility to our plant.

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