Tea Envelopes

Voguish tea envelopes can not only boost your brand, but also envelope a loyal customer base to ensure your market resilience by creating a lasting positive impression on the customer’s mind.

Flexi Print produces premium tea envelopes for all available tea envelope types; including Crimping and Heat Seal types. Our custom printed tea envelopes are produced using top-of-the-line presses such as Bobst 12 colour flexo machinery capable of printing 12 colors per side or 6 colors on both sides. Our machinery undergoes daily color calibration, ensuring you receive the best possible product. We use only biodegradable environmentally friendly paper complying with global food and color standards.

Additionally, our tea tags and tea envelopes department possesses A-Z runnable reels capable of continuous operation during packaging, and clients receive continuous reels with the precise tag and envelope count.

Specific requirements can be readily submitted; so that we deliver the exact design you have in mind.