Environmental Sustainability

As the leader in the tea bag printing industry in Sri Lanka, Flexi Print is conscious about our innate responsibility to protect our earth for future generations. We believe that a sustainable business is a successful business.

Our approach to environmental sustainability is incorporated into our manufacturing practices, waste management procedures and CSR projects. We aspire to be a carbon neutral company in the near future and have taken strides to be a more eco-conscious manufacturing company every passing year.

  • Fully Automated Waste Management System

    Flexi Print is equipped with the only German Matho Waste Management System in Sri Lanka. This fully automated pneumatic system is capable of drawing in the waste cut-offs and off-cuts which are then automatically bailed. These scraps are diligently collected and dispatched to recycling centers for further processing.

  • Thermal water treatment plant

    Our state of the art water treatment plant is capable of treating all effluents and waste water to release only 100% purified water to the environment. We are committed to protect the natural water ways in Sri Lanka which are the heart of the nation’s industries and livelihoods.

  • Focus on Renewable Energy and Efficiency

    We, at Flexi Print have prioritized reducing the power consumption and introducing renewable energy methods to our factory in order to attain carbon neutral status in the near future. We have succeeded in significantly reducing our water and electricity consumption through the implementation of the DuPont thermal plate processing system in the pre-press stage. We have also identified the potential of solar energy to power factories in the Sri Lankan context as it is a tropical country with year round sunlight. We currently generate --- kW of solar energy through roof solar panels which are added to the national grid daily.

  • Promote green Practices

    Flexi Print promotes increasing forest coverage in Sri Lanka which is vital for the quality of life of humans and animals alike. Currently, it nurtures 3,800 timber trees of over 20 varieties in Gurubeula estate down south in Colombo. We have also established a partnership with Halcyon group which advises companies on carbon trading. In this ongoing project, the trees are geo-tagged while the carbon we output is calculated which is traded as carbon points for the oxygen volume that we produce. The project is evolving and improving every passing year demonstrating promising results for us to emerge as a carbon neutral company in the near future.

  • Sustainable raw Material and Products

    All our products utilize biodegradable raw material and water based inks which cause minimum harm to the environment. We ethically source our raw material through our loyal suppliers which are used to manufacture biodegradable products. We are committed to retain our position as an ecofriendly company by continuing and improving our best practices in the years to come.

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