At Flexiprint, we help the national and international tea trade add value to their products according to even the most demanding customer requests.

We produce teabag-tags and envelopes to suit Constanta, Compacta, Perfecta, IMA (C2000, C27), IWKA, mai s.a., PT133, machines while also supplying pyramid tag and mesh for Sanko and FUSO pyramid tea bagging machines. We use water based food grade inks approved by machine manufacturers for good sealing and crimping which enable machines to work at high speeds. These inks are procured exclusively from world renowned German manufacturers. We also possess the capability to produce soilon, nylon and non-woven variants to suit the customer requirements on pyramid tag and mesh. The paper and board used for printing are food grade and are approved by top engineers in the field for their high endurance while running through high print speeds. Our tooling enables on line die-cutting; the tooling used for which is manufactured in Germany with high grade steel to give a precise punch, die-cut or slit.

Over a period of two decades, Flexiprint has strengthened the track record of ensuring the best quality service to a distinguished national and international clientele. We are among the very best printers in South-East Asia that possess the most up-to-date, state of the art printing technology to help us achieve our goal of providing our esteemed customers with the best value addition the world has to offer.

The ISO 22000:2005 certification we possess is proof to the fact that our quality standards are kept within strict parameters so that our customers’ minds are at ease.

Our success is the unity and understanding between the members of staff and management to be committed in providing our customers with the satisfaction that they deserve.

About Us

Vision & Mission
Our Vision

To specialize in manufacturing the best quality teabag tags and envelopes in order to meet the strictest of customer demands.

Our Mission

Committing to provide the best quality teabag tags and envelopes by implementing the latest technology available today, to satisfy even the most demanding teabag manufacturers of the world while considering the well-being of the staff and prioritizing environmental safety.


Flexiprint is an industry leader represented by all popular tea brands of the world. We manufacture Tags and envelopes for all types of tea bagging machine specifications available today. Paper, board and inks used in our manufacturing process conform to international food safety guidelines, and are procured from internationally reputed suppliers.

Our in-house water and waste treatment facility ensures minimum environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and drastically reducing harmful constituents in recycled water.

At Flexiprint, we assure the precision of color, size, tolerance and runnability of your product, as they are printed on machinery specifically designed to print tea bag tags and envelopes.

Our members of staff are regularly educated on new innovations and are trained on new software and hardware for pre-press and press departments in order to be flexible on customer demands.

Continuous innovation at Flexiprint enables us to have the best that technology can offer for the pre-press, press and post-press processes.

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Products and Services Specifics

Teabag tags and Envelopes

We annually convert approximately 24 million kilograms of paper/board to tags and envelopes. Our complete on-line production process ensures a tag/envelope reel that is 100% usable with no waste at the core.

Pyramid Teabag

We offer different types of pyramid teabags customized as per the customer requirement. The Materials we use are approved by the Japan Food Research Association and are food grade certified.

Please click on the icon depicting your machine type requirement to view the technical specifications
Pre Press

Our in-house pre-press and plate making department is equipped with the latest computer hardware and software (which is updated regularly) in order to alter or develop artwork per customer request.

We possess the latest in thermal plate-making hardware and technology that ensures crisp quality printing on the finished product.


Inks play the main role in value addition; the touch of finesse that consumers find attractive is gained by the proper utilization of inks.

Constant color reproduction is maintained at Flexiprint because of the high quality, certified food grade inks we source from Germany.

For use of Fresh inks, we have the only available in-house ink farm in Sri Lanka with our own ink department equipped with a state-of the art laboratory which controls ink quality at the press and at the source itself. Our color consistency is unmatched.


Rotary die-cutters, punchers and punch modules are imported from the best suppliers in Germany and Australia. We use ceramic anilox rolls from Germany which have unparalleled accuracy in ink transfer. Our doctor blades are imported from a highly reputed manufacturer in Switzerland.

The Press

Our Flexo machinery is from GIDUE of Italy, which ensures high speed and maximum productivity.

Our implementation of cutting edge rewinding technology ensures accurate tag/envelope counts and zero waste.

The central air conditioning of our facilities keep the humidity level very low and controls ambient temperature to maximize productivity of machinery and inks.

Quality Controlling

Our in-house QC department makes sure that all incoming material is quality approved at source and at delivery to us.

They also ensure that quality is consistent throughout pre-press, printing, processing and at delivery.

All tags and envelopes are certified by our QC department so our valued customers can run the reels error free.

Waste Management

We at Flexiprint care for our environment and believe in a green policy throughout production. Our raw paper and board are only sourced from mills that use farmed trees for pulp manufacturing.

Waste water and paper/board are analyzed in the lab for recyclability. The water diverted for recycling is directed to an in-house treatment plant before re-use, and waste board is outsourced for recycling.

Any materials not conforming to recyclable standards are sent to incinerators. Sludge taken from water treatment is collected by a waste disposal company for correct disposal.

Ordering Process
  • Send your inquiry along with quantity, type of tag material, port of delivery, mode of delivery
  • We shall send you a quotation.
  • After price approval, we shall send a proforma invoice with startup cost and the value for bulk order.
  • Startup cost has to be paid in advance.
  • Pre-press work will be done by us and a soft copy issued to you.
  • After approval, we proceed with plate making; at this stage, a letter of credit has to be opened in favor of us for 50% of the total value.
  • Proof will be printed and couriered to you as sample tag/envelope reel for color and runnability testing.
  • The terms of LC can be negotiated if credibility is proven.
  • Once the proof is approved and LC established or payment in full is made, we shall give you a delivery date from port of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Order will be then processed and delivered via lorry if it's local, or shipped if it's an export order.
Processing & Shipping

Processing and packaging of Orders for Shipping is carried out according to the customer’s requirement and can be palletized or packed in Suitable Cartons with export packaging.

Quality & Credibility

Servicing some of the world’s most renowned brand names for more than two decades undoubtedly prove our credibility and quality in service.

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